For over a decade the Richmond Lunch Club has met regularly providing an ideal, yet informal opportunity for people to meet ‘Colleagues in Business’

The monthly gatherings offer opportunities for building reliable and trusted connections for referrals, mentoring and a forum for the new and innovative entrepreneurs in the competitive business of today.

We have a long established membership that provides camaraderie and support for members and the wider community.

Through building effective relationships and trust, members become walking and talking advertisements for each other. This has been proved over time and is a testament to our longevity and relaxed approach where members socialise without pressure or given agendas over lunch and glass of wine.

Our group is not about a ‘quick fix’ remedy for finding new clients or closing a sale. We are about getting to know you and your business so that we can all become ambassadors for each other, providing trust, confidence and the reliability we all seek.

We always welcome visitors to our gatherings. They provide a new vibrancy and diversity to conversations and connections.

Dates for our gatherings are on our Newsfeed.


If you would like to receive details of the next lunch please contact us.