March Lunch

So, the Bunnies Arrived

We gathered for our March and pre-Easter Lunch at La Buvette. Not quite a sunny day but pleasant and certainly a relief from the snow and chilled winds a few days earlier. A good turnout, we welcomed new faces and some regular faces too. The atmosphere was vibrant, and it was heartening to witness much mentoring and business exchanges taking place. Professionals of similar businesses comparing codes of practice and methods of working as well as advice being given to some of the self-employed business owners. Maintaining the more convivial and relaxed atmosphere over the Fare offered by the team at La Buvette. Conversations were such that a continuation was demanded at the local Rincon Bar where the afternoon passed into early evening when carriages were summoned to venture homewards.


Our next gathering Thursday 26th April when hopefully Spring will be in the air, Annual Accounts and returns complete and a Summer to look forward to.