January Luncheon at La Buvette

So we started our new year in fine form – full of enthusiasm, vigour and optimism for the future. There was a good gathering and it was good to see a few new people as well as a few who hadn’t been for a while joining the usual regulars. The raffle for the La Buvette Dining Voucher was won coincidently by the Janice Newlovebirthday girl of the day Janice Newlove. Bruce our host, as usual supplied a lovely menu and banter flowed as well as the wine.JH

There were some interesting engagements with opportunities and awareness of services that members had to offer. Chairman John Hamblin highlighted the need to encourage new people to come and share their business acumen. Our Luncheon Club has been long established and because of that we benefit from the trust and support of the members who have had long established business relationships with each other – the true essence of organic and stable networking.



Plans for 2017 include making more use of the mailing facility and the website. Good engagements are being established on the Twitter account and the Club is gaining new followers quite regularly. It is also hoped that some interplay with businesses can be established where offers and promotions can be offered for the benefit of members. One of the successful relationships in 2016 has been with Richmond Theatre where we have been able to offer special deals to members. La Buvette of course offers a free glass of Kir Royale to any member and their guests when lunching or dining. (Does not include special events)

Sally is now busy collecting the subscriptions for 2017. To date members have access to the Members Area on the website where we host the member’s directory and post member only information. It is by your participation and business expertise that makes the Club the success it is.

The goal for 2017 is to encourage everyone to bring a guest. Introduce your business colleagues, clients and friends to the informality of our gatherings that have an underlying sincerity built on firm foundations of B2B relationships. Note in your diary that our next gathering will be 23rd February so watch out for the calling notice.