July Lunch

Our last Monthly Lunch before the traditional holiday season started was Thursday 20th July as is customary we gathered at La Buvette.

A light Summer Fare was provided and thankfully the weather allowed us to sit outside enabling us to enjoy the true Al Fresco experience provided at La Buvette.

Con O’Brien joined us for the first time. As well as welcoming him, it also provided an opportunity to tell him about the Lunch Club, its history and how it was evolving. The Website, Twitter and other Social Media platforms under discussion.

We have been promoting Members and their websites on Twitter in the past few months. In addition you may like to see the next Regional Tasting details at La Buvette. Gascony and the Pyrenees (click here for more) 


Please also note that after some open discussions we will be applying a slightly new format to our monthly gatherings enabling a greater interplay and networking facility. Networking is by no means a ‘quick fix’ solution to your business.

The Club and its sustained existence has indeed provided a platform for Members to build trustworthy connections with an underlying support and infrastructure that is reliable and dependable. The Members Directory available to contributing members and available via the website protected area is being changed. It will provide contact details and a small synopsis of the business.

It is not always apparent just how much business is done inter member. However it is amazing sometimes just how far reaching the referrals are and how members are confident to recommend others once a good rapport and confidence has been achieved.  



Note our next gathering after the Summer Break will be Thursday 28th September 2017 at La Buvette as usual. Calling notices will be sent out in due course.

Happy Holidays to You and Yours