Is it a Cliché or is it because you

Don’t understand or Don’t want to understand

We have all heard the expression

“I don’t know but I know a man that does”

Whether you are looking for new business – a job – a workman or a service there are some fundamental facts.

Many Jobs are never advertised

People prefer to deal with people they know, are recommended and trusted

First of all, networking is the process of meeting people, either through a contact that you initiate, or through an introduction by a third party.

Networking allows you to meet, and establish a relationship with, people who may not have heard of you or your business through any other method.

It’s not:


  Telling the world how great you are

  Something that happens overnight

It is:

Finding common ground

Building mutually beneficial, professional and or social relationships

  Giving, as well as receiving, time and information

A process that takes time

Sometimes new friends or clients are found, sometimes new suppliers, and sometimes new ways of doing things.

This can increase profitability or enhance your life.

All this can be found through networking or socialising with new people.

We all need other people to interact with both in the business community and our domestic community. Whether they are to buy from us, sell to us, or brainstorm with us in order to learn more and progress in our lives.

An essential factor is

 “not what is in it for me” but “what am I willing to give”

  1. We must be willing to build on our relationship-building skills.
  2. We must be great listeners.
  3. We must be willing to give before we receive.
  4. We must get into a networking mode in our minds.
  5. A CONSTANT networking mode.

Through consistent contact with others, you will instinctively start to put “two and two together”.

When you are speaking with someone, your brain will be searching its archives for people, places and things that can help the person you are speaking to.

This is a networking mode.

This is also a networking mind set.

This mind set takes time to cultivate, but once a focus is given to it, you will immediately see how you can help other people while you are listening to them.

That is the first step in getting them to help you.

So networking, like its name says, is WORK.

The process is not called Net-sitting, Net-eating, or Net-standing around waiting to go home.

This process is work and should be done methodically.

The process is also a learned skill. It is not something that we are born knowing how to do. It can be frustrating when you have a goal in mind for your networking functions and are not achieving that goal.

So whether you join a Professional Networking Group, a Social Club, Charity or other Organisation your life is full of opportunities to Network.

“Getting to know people that can help others to help you”

So people who sit alone wondering how to get a trusted plumber, decorator or some other requirement have choices:

Check a Local Directory

Browse the Internet

Ask a Friend or Somebody they know

Have you made the effort to make sure somebody knows you?