Sport Richmond

The case for taking part in sport and physical activity is now really well established in terms of physical and mental well being as well as fun!

Richmond has a history over the past ten years as one of the most active boroughs in England – in large part because of the partnership between the voluntary sports organisations and the local authority.


Local authorities are still the biggest providers of sports opportunities, but its not a statutory duty and as budgets get tighter and the costs of social care rise spending on sport falls; so key, experienced people are lost in the borough’s sports development team, grants fall and the costs of hiring courts, pitches and pools increase.


There are 180 voluntary sports clubs and organisations delivering to the community in the borough and Sport Richmond is their forum providing help, advice and  some limited financial help. We are presently starting 4 new programs for older people with Age UK and also helping young performance athletes on the early rungs of the ladder to success.


As local authority resources dry up we need to look more to the local commercial community for help in both cash, kind and with expertise as clubs continue to expand the opportunities for the community to play sport


The recent announcement of a corporation tax allowance for investment in grass roots community sport is one way in which local companies can help and save corporation tax too.

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